What To Expect From Online Guitar Lessons

What do B.B King, Stevie Nicks, Edie Van Halen, and Taylor Swift have in common? They all didn’t know how to play guitar at some point in their lives. But with hard work and a love of music, they captured the imagination of countless music fans. Even if you don’t intend to join the Rock & Roll or Country Music Hall of Fame, you can use the same grit and determination to learn to play guitar—even if you’re still staying home. Here is what to expect from online guitar lessons.

The Format

When most people think of learning skills online, they think of YouTube videos. Although YouTube is a fantastic tool for picking up skills—even music skills—expect your online guitar lessons to be a little more interactive than that. Just like any other guitar lessons, you’ll have a teacher who will be able to speak directly to you, answer your questions, and give you feedback on how to perform certain skills. It will just happen over a camera instead of in person.

Foundational Skills

Many budding guitarists come to their guitar lessons with aspirations of being the next Joan Jett or Jimi Hendrix, and that’s a great goal. However, you have to walk before you can run, and you have to tune a guitar before you can play “Free Bird.” Walk into your first lesson expecting to start slow—you’ll need to learn the basics before you get to full songs. But don’t worry! Even Elvis needed the basics before he could truly rock out.

Independent Practice

As important as lessons are, they won’t make you a great guitarist, and you shouldn’t expect them to. Lessons will teach you the skills, but perfecting them requires plenty of independent study. Most teachers recommend at least 20 minutes of practice, four to five days a week, outside your lesson times. That means that you shouldn’t just do so right before your lessons, either. Daily practice is the key to truly honing your skills.

Your Preferences

Professional music lessons get a bad rap for focusing only on classical music. But no one knows the diversity of the guitar better than guitar teachers, and you can expect them to take your preferences into account. Want to be the next Eric Clapton? Chuck Berry? Brad Paisley? Let your teacher know from the beginning. More than likely, they will keep that in mind as they map out your next lessons. Our Portland guitar lessons can teach you anything from pop to folk to old-time rock and roll.