Most questions can be answered on our lessons pages for each instrument we offer music lessons for. Otherwise please feel free to browse our answers for our most frequently asked questions below. We enjoy our customers and love to answer their questions..

Q: What Lesson Times Are Available At The Eliason School Of Music?

A: Lessons are taught Monday through Friday at the Portland music school between the hours of 10am and 8:00pm. Students reserve a time slot where they take lessons at the same time each week. To schedule a lesson time please contact the school at 503-293-2390.

Q: Do You Offer Group Classes?

A: Our music school does not offer group classes. We have found over the years that students in group classes frequently develop bad habits of playing. This is because, in a group setting a teacher cannot keep track of how every student is playing and therefore cannot correct mistakes in the technique that may be occurring.

Q: Where Can I Find A Violin?

A: If you are a violin student we recommend you rent with the option to purchase from either Geesman Violin Shop or the David Kerr Violin Shop. Violin rentals are generally $25 per month. Most violin students will also need to purchase a “Kun” design shoulder pad from these stores for the price of about $25 to $30.

Q: Can I Take A Lesson Every Other Week?

A: We offer lessons on a weekly basis because your instructor needs to be able to check and correct your form on a weekly basis. If you wait two weeks between lessons then you may be performing certain tasks incorrectly and reinforcing a bad habit for two weeks.

Q: Can I Take Just One Month Of Lessons?

A: In one month you really don’t have enough time to give your lessons a fair try. We have a two month minimum for starting lessons at our Portland music school. It takes some time to learn how to create a nice sound from the instrument and really be able to enjoy it.

Q: How Long A Lesson Do You Recommend For A Beginner?

A: Typically a half hour lesson is appropriate for beginning and even intermediate students. You can always switch to a longer lesson in the future if you prefer to cover more material or speed your progress.

Q: Where Can I Find An Instrument?

A: If you are a piano student we recommend purchasing a piano at Classic Piano which is located near Washington Square, or purchasing an electronic keyboard at Portland Music Company. The modern keyboards have a good tone and touch very similar to a piano and are more affordable. If you go to Classic Piano, be sure to mention you are a student of the Eliason School of Music, and you will receive a student discount.

Q: What Materials Should I Bring To My First Lesson?

A: If you are a beginner you do not need any materials for your first lesson. After your first lesson your instructor will tell you what materials you will need to purchase and where you can purchase them from. If you are intermediate or advanced then bring any materials you have studied before with you to the first lesson.

Q: Do You Offer Recitals?

A: The music school offers two free recitals per year which are posted in the school and announced to the whole studio.

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