Improve Your Guitar Playing Online

Utilizing Innovative Web Tools to Learn Guitar Remotely

The Eliason School of Music offers a great way to learn to play guitar with our private online guitar lessons. Learning to play guitar should be a greatly enjoyable and exciting experience, and our courses are designed to accomplish just that. We utilize the Suzuki method combined with more traditional techniques to create a fun and effective learning experience. This helps students to develop strong, positive habits of play, and these habits continue to work correctly over time as more note reading is developed.

The Complete Instruction Method

At the Eliason School of Music, we utilize our Complete Instruction Method to fully engage our students in their music. This approach combines traditional note reading with freeform exercises to get our students to a point where they are comfortable to read sheet music as well as play by ear. Throughout these online guitar lessons, students can learn to play a variety of genres and styles, ranging from classic country to heavy metal. No matter what skill level or background you come from, our instructors will help you perfect the fundamentals and develop into a confident guitarist.

Online Guitar Lessons for Kids

Students of all ages can register for private online guitar lessons at the Eliason School of Music. If you’re a parent interested in enrolling your child in guitar lessons for kids, our program is the right choice. Our instructors are professionals with years of education and experience, so you can rest assured that your child will receive the care and dedication necessary. We recommend young students learn the fundamentals on an acoustic guitar before graduating to playing on an electric guitar. If you want to enroll your child in virtual lessons with a professional guitar instructor, just fill out a form today to learn more.

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