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Utilizing Innovative Web Tools To Teach Cello Remotely

Adapting to the times, the Eliason School of Music now provides our private music lessons remotely to students no matter where they are. If you’re hoping to pick up a new skill and learn to play the cello online, our online cello lessons can help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re signing up your child or learning yourself, we’ll teach best practices, advanced techniques, and music theory to develop a deep understanding of the art form. We strive to help each of our students grow and develop into great musicians by teaching them the techniques and concept necessary to play the cello well.

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The Complete Instruction Method

At the Eliason School of Music, we provide an online learning experience that is both effective and fun. To this end, we have developed our Complete Instruction Method. This unique approach to teaching music focuses on the many different overlapping skills necessary to become a fully realized cello player. We understand that one of the biggest factors in playing any instrument well is a broader understanding of music theory and music reading. We also understand that it is important to have fun while learning these skills to further enhance the learning experience. Our professional instructors blend these things throughout the online cello lessons; by the end of the course, our students can play violin music by ear or by reading notes.

We also believe that variety and encouragement enhance the experience of learning any instrument. Our instructors create customized practice charts, assign skill-appropriate music to rehearse, and develop music theory lessons to broaden students’ understanding. When this is coupled with positive encouragement and fun, you have an all-encompassing approach to learning cello, which is sure to produce a motivated and skilled musician.

Online Cello Lessons for Kids

If you’re looking to sign your child up for virtual cello lessons, consider our private online music lessons. The team of professional music instructors at the Eliason School of Music knows exactly how to adapt our Complete Instruction Method to an online lesson format. We understand that it’s important to spark an interest in playing music at a young age, and our online lessons allow us to do just that. By developing important skills and nurturing a love for music, we strive to develop children into confident aspiring musicians. If you want to sign your child up for private online cello lessons, give us a call today to learn more about what the Complete Instruction Method can do for you.

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