Private Voice Lessons in Portland

If you would like to learn how to develop into an amazing singer, come to Eliason School of Music for private voice lessons in Portland, Oregon.  We have a wonderfully accomplished voice teacher named Elizabeth- she has been teaching for over ten years and she has worked with students of all ages.  Elizabeth has her Master’s degree in Vocal Performance from Portland State and she is a very talented and skillful teacher. It is important when you develop your voice that you are learning from an expert, so you can not only sing your best but so you can also keep your voice healthy without injuring it. At Eliason, we offer expert voice lessons that are fun, effective, and bring out the very best in your singing. We offer a wide range of styles for voice including Pop, Musical Theater, Classical, Folk as well as other styles. Ages in our school range from age 4 through adult lessons.

Why take Voice Lessons at the Eliason School of Music?

When you enroll in our program you will receive the best instruction that includes:

  1. Learning how to breathe properly for quality singing, so you don’t run out of breath and you can support your notes.
  2. The teaching of proper singing posture, balance, and alignment
  3. With the aid of a piano learning how to sing with accurate pitch and precise intonation
  4. The learning of sight-reading and note reading
  5. Guidance on stage presence and performing
  6. Training for the handling of nerves for performances
  7. Learning how to properly articulate words while singing and correct pronunciation
  8. Guidance on how to sing with expression and connect with the music you are learning

Lessons are tailored to each student to match their specific needs and goals, adult students often have a different format for lessons versus children, and we listen to you to create lesson plans that match your needs.  We have a unique method developed in our program where we create practice charts in your lessons that act as a step-by-step guide for when you practice at home. The techniques used quickly raise your awareness about your voice and the music you are singing, so you can make quick progress and create positive changes in your singing.  In the lessons, we also use special vocal exercises, so in a short period of time you will find yourself singing with much more ease and confidence, and the tone and resonance of your voice will change in a wonderful and satisfying way.

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Who Takes Voice Lessons at Our School?

We have a diverse range of students at ESOM.  Some students are younger students who love singing and aspire to sing on a big stage. Other students enjoy singing in their school choir or school plays and they want to be able to sing at their best.  We have teenage students who are playing in bands and they want to improve their lead vocal or background singing, and we also have many adults who want to sing for fun and pure enjoyment. Some of our students are retired and they perform in volunteer groups. We welcome all ages into our program, and we can create lesson plans that match what you are looking for.

We believe it is both fun and rewarding to learn to sing and improve your vocal range. Please contact us today to learn about private voice lessons in Portland. You can get started by clicking “register” at the top of the page.  You can also reach the school by clicking “contact us” or by calling (503)293-2390. We look forward to hearing from you!

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