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Utilizing Innovative Web Tools to Teach Piano Remotely 

At Eliason School of Music in Portland, Oregon, we believe that learning piano is an exceptional way to build an appreciation and understanding of music. To help our community and beyond, we now offer online private piano lessons. By utilizing advanced web tools, our instructors can remotely work with individuals to help them improve their piano skills from the comfort of their own home. We seek to give our students a thorough understanding of piano techniques and musical theory to develop them into great musicians!  

The Complete Instruction Method 

The team at Eliason School of Music strives to improve upon the common experiences that come with taking music lessons. We find that a blend of skills, theory, and fun is necessary for our students to develop a full understanding of the piano 

In practice, our Complete Instruction Method utilizes a balanced approach with our online piano lessons. Our instructors are experienced professionals and aid in developing students’ skills through practice charts, skill-appropriate music, music theory education, and positive encouragement. We strive to get our students to the point where they can learn music both by ear and note reading. By achieving these skills, the students that progress through our program can fully explore what inspires them to play. 

Online Piano Lessons for Kids 

The Complete Instruction Method is an exceptional approach to teaching your children piano. With our new online piano lessons, we’re fully equipped to help develop your child’s passion for music. Beginning the musical journey at a young age is one of the best ways to grow into a passionate musician. Our instructors bring classic training methods, best practices, and positive encouragement together to help your child develop good habits and have fun at the same time! If you’re a parent and want to help your child develop a love for piano, explore our online piano lessons for kids today! 

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