How To Encourage Your Child’s Interest in Music

As a parent, it’s only natural to daydream about who a child will be before they’re born. And if you’re a music lover, it’s natural to hope they’ll follow in your musical footsteps. But here’s the frustrating thing about kids: they’re human beings. That means they have these things called “their own interests” that we should “respect.”

Even so, there are still plenty of ways to encourage your child’s interest in music while still supporting them in their own opinions. Here’s how.

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How To Make the Most of Your Online Music Lessons

We all learned things from the madness that was 2020—mostly how many Netflix episodes we could binge in a day or how many times we could wear the same sweatpants before they got gross. But if there’s one thing we all learned, it was how to meet up online effectively. That included music teachers and students.

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Music Theory Study Tips: Learning Scales and Chords

Music theory—at the mention of these four little syllables, countless musicians go running for cover. We get it. Music is art, and art is self-expression. When you start mixing words like “theory” in, it suspiciously sounds like we’re trying to tell you how to express yourself. But art theory isn’t nearly as scary as it sounds. We’re going to tell you why and throw in a couple of music theory study tips for learning scales and chords too. Read more

Best Music Genres for Learning Piano

Author Hans Christian Andersen once said, “Where words fail, music speaks.” Along with raising some interesting questions about the whole mute plot of The Little Mermaid, these words move us because they’re so true. And if music is a language, genres are the different dialects. For the aspiring pianist wanting to learn to speak the language of music, it’s helpful to know all the best music genres for learning piano.

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Effective Ways To Motivate Your Child to Practice Music

We all love watching a child fall in love with music. Their favorite singers croon, a guitarist deftly plucks their strings, and soon, your child is on fire to be just like them. That is, until they finish their first lesson and you tell them they have to practice. It’s a long hard road to becoming a musical sensation, but with these effective ways to motivate your child to practice music, you’ll help them on the path to musical greatness.

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When To Get Your Child Started on Voice Lessons

Few things can bring a grown-up to tears more readily than a child singing. Why else would videos of kids singing on shows like X-Factor continue to get hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube? But there’s a fine line between helping your kids on the path to their musical dreams and becoming a pageant parent. The key is knowing when to get your child started on voice lessons.

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The Advantages of Learning To Play Guitar

If I told you to picture a “cool” person in your head, you’d probably imagine someone wearing a set of shades, driving a slick car to a rock concert where they’re playing lead guitar. Let’s face it: guitars are the definition of cool. But because being popular should not be the only reason you pick up an instrument, here are a few additional advantages of learning to play guitar.

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Common Challenges When Learning to Play the Violin

The boot-stomping exuberance of a country fiddle. The mournful voice of an Irish folk song. The elegant notes of Bach or Beethoven waltzing through a symphony hall. Who knew that one instrument could evoke so many images? But the violin dazzles with an impressive musical range. Now, if only it were a little easier to play. Fortunately, the common challenges when learning to play the violin are common for a reason. Every beginning violinist grapples with them.

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The Benefits of Online Piano Lessons

Since keyboard-based instruments have been around for roughly 700 years, instruments that use it, such as the piano, have gotten a reputation for being a little old school. But that doesn’t mean the piano can’t bring music into the digital age of the internet—and we’re not merely talking about the wonderful world of techno. We’re talking about taking the age-old traditions of piano lessons to the great wide web! Skeptical? These are just a few of the benefits of online piano lessons.

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The Role of Technology in Music Education

Between excessive screen time making our eyeballs boil out of our heads, cyberbullying, and YouTube videos that quite frankly weird us out, technology can sometimes get a reputation for being a modern-day boogeyman. Because of that, we are often hesitant to mix technology with something as pure and wonderful as music. But like it or not, technology has a part to play in all our lives—and it’s not always the role of villain. The role of technology in music education can actually be as a helper, a sidekick, and maybe even a friend.

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