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Utilizing Innovative Web Tools to Teach Music Remotely

Eliason School of Music in beautiful Portland, Oregon, now offers a variety of completely online musical instrument classes. Whether you seek to learn piano, guitar, violin, or cello, our music instructors will help you develop your passion and ensure you gain a thorough understanding of your instrument. If you’re interested in growing your musical skills, register today! We offer our online music classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students.

The Complete Instruction Method

The team at Eliason School of Music understands the common frustrations with online musical instrument classes. Sometimes, all the focus is spent on fun and improvement is slow because important techniques aren’t being taught. Other times, too much focus is spent solely on theory and the student doesn’t develop proper playing techniques.

To improve this experience, we use a balanced approach with our online private music lessons. Our music instructors are highly trained and help develop students’ skills through practice charts, skill-appropriate music, music theory education, and positive encouragement. Our goal is to teach students how to learn music both by ear and note reading. By achieving these skills, the students that progress through our program can fully explore what inspires them to play.

Online Music Lessons for Children

If you’re a parent and would like to develop your child’s passion for music, Eliason School of Music offers our full range of online private music lessons for children. Experiencing the joy of music at a young age is the best way to grow into a talented musician. Our music instructors are professionally trained to help kids learn best practices and provide positive encouragement to ensure they’re having fun too!

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