Improve Your Singing Voice Online

Utilizing Innovative Web Tools To Improve Your Voice Remotely

The Eliason School of Music now offers amazing online voice lessons to help you learn the fundamentals of quality singing. Our professional vocal coach will help you develop your voice and increase your range all while keeping your voice healthy and full. The students in our online program will use easy virtual tools to learn best practices, advanced techniques, and music theory. Our ultimate goal is to help our students reach their full potential and develop their singing voice.

The Complete Instruction Method

Our online singing voice lessons are custom-tailored to each student to ensure they grow and develop into a strong, healthy vocalist. Throughout our courses, students focus on the fundamentals while also exploring the many types of vocal styles, such as pop, musical theater, classical, and folk. They’ll begin with basics such as breathing patterns, posture, balance, and alignment before advancing to more advanced lessons and guidance. We’ll even dedicate ourselves to helping you improve your stage presence and connect with the music you’re singing.

We begin our online singing voice lessons by developing practice charts that form a step-by-step guide for how you should practice between classes. The techniques you learn with your voice coach will help you be more aware of your voice so you can make quick changes and advance your vocal capabilities. We utilize special vocal exercises to condition and strengthen your vocal cords, leaving you feeling more confident in what you can do.

Online Voice Lessons for Kids

Our online vocal lessons are offered to children and adults alike. Some of our younger students enroll in our classes to help them strengthen their singing voice for seasonal school plays or choir concerts. Others dream of being a pop star or playing in a rock band, and our lessons can help them achieve those goals! The approach we use for our online voice lessons are designed to benefit any student, regardless of current skill or past experience. If you want to enroll your child in lessons with a professional vocal instructor, just fill out a form today to learn more.

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