Private Cello Lessons in Portland

Local Students enrolled in the program to learn techniques that efficiently improve their tone and allow them to experience the joy of playing the cello as quickly as possible.

What makes Lessons At Eliason School of Music so unique?

Our system of tone production, known as the seven keys to tone, was developed into our programs years ago with the intention of showing beginners through advanced string players how to draw a beautiful sound from their cello as soon as possible.

Not only does the method allow our students to improve their sound at a quick pace but it is a fun method that allows our students to play a variety of great music and really connect deeply with music.

What Are You Looking To Learn From Our Music School?

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Did You Know?

In addition to sounding good sooner our complete instruction method that is also a part of our lessons shows you how to learn music purely by ear as well as by understanding note reading and theory.

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This balanced approach gives you two ways to understand and learn music and the whole world of music opens up to you. An example of this is that when you hear music that you enjoy being played on the radio you will be able to figure out the notes simply by hearing them.

This has been the case with thousands of students who have taken our lessons and learned our method over the years and we love to sharing this exciting and fun learning experience.

You will also be able to find sheet music of pieces that you like and learn the music on your cello by reading it because you will understand it and the learning will happen easily for you.

Why should you consider learning from Eliason School of Music?

  1. Complete Instruction. A fun, unique method that combines note reading with playing by ear, allowing learning to happen naturally and with ease.
  2. Experience. All of our teachers have degrees in Music and at least seven years experience.
  3. Choice. Learn what you want to on the cello. Classes in Classical, Pop, Jazz and more.
  4. Performing Opportunities with free recitals twice per year.
  5. Top Rated Cello Lessons Provider. We are awarded “Best of Thumbtack” and a 5 star Google rating.
  6. Low Pressure. Try a lesson before you enroll, stop at any time.
  7. Convenient. We are close by and we also have in home private lessons available.

Our approach to learning makes it easier for students to learn new music because they understand it better.

Our instructors also specializes in correcting bad habits of play that may have been learned from previous experiences outside of our school.

Whether you are having difficulty bowing, playing in-tune or finding the correct posture we have special techniques that will quickly correct these habits and we will show you how to implement them into new positive habits of play.

As music teachers we meet regularly to discuss our techniques and we are continuously improving our approach to create a better experience for our students.

Give us a call or fill out our online registration form to meet with a teacher and experience the Eliason difference today!

Who takes cello lessons at Eliason School of Music?

Eliason School of Music currently has over 100 strings students we are providing lessons to and it is growing rapidly. These students vary in age from as young as 4 to over 50.

Our school is tailored to match your individual goals for your music. For beginners we use the same approach for everyone because it has proven to be so successful.

For intermediate and advanced students, however, lessons are designed with your musical goals in mind. We train students to compete in competitions, audition and advance into higher level youth orchestra’s and earn scholarships to universities.

In short the technique taught at the school gives students the tools to be able to play any style of music at any level.

Cello Lessons Portland

Cello Lessons Portland

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