Cello Lessons in Portland, OR

Students enrolled in our cello lessons can expect to learn techniques that will effectively improve their tone and allow them to experience the joy of playing the cello as quickly as possible. Beginners will learn to play cello through fundamental lessons and instruction, while advanced students will continue to build upon their knowledge through more immersive training. Anyone is welcome to enroll too. Whether you’re looking for cello lessons for adults, teens, or kids, Eliason School of Music accepts students of all ages and experience levels.

What makes our local cello lessons so unique?

Unlike other music schools in Portland, we base our teachings on a unique system of tone production known as the seven keys to tone. The system is all-encompassing in that it effectively teaches both beginner and advanced string players how to draw a beautiful sound from their cello as soon as possible. It also allows students to better connect with the music they produce.

Learn to play cello and more at Eliason School of Music.

Beginner cello lessons prepare students for more than just playing the cello. In fact, just by learning music theory fundamentals, note reading, and how to discern music by ear, students will have a much easier time advancing their skills and branching out into other realms of music. Learning music in this way can even make everyday life a little more interesting too. Listening to the radio becomes an opportunity to listen for notes you’ve learned, and conversations become a chance to fascinate others with your knowledge—after all, at the end of the day, music is undeniably a part of life for everyone.

What Are You Looking To Learn From Our Music School?

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Did You Know?

In addition to sounding good sooner our complete instruction method that is also a part of our lessons shows you how to learn music purely by ear as well as by understanding note reading and theory.

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This balanced approach gives you two ways to understand and learn music and the whole world of music opens up to you. An example of this is that when you hear music that you enjoy being played on the radio you will be able to figure out the notes simply by hearing them.

This has been the case with thousands of students who have taken our lessons and learned our method over the years and we love to sharing this exciting and fun learning experience.

You will also be able to find sheet music of pieces that you like and learn the music on your cello by reading it because you will understand it and the learning will happen easily for you.

Why should you learn to play cello at Eliason School of Music?

  1. Complete Instruction. A fun, unique method that combines note reading with playing by ear, allowing learning to happen naturally and with ease.
  2. Experience. All of our teachers have degrees in Music and at least seven years of experience.
  3. Choice. Learn what you want to on the cello. Classes in Classical, Pop, Jazz and more.
  4. Performing Opportunities with free recitals twice per year.
  5. Top Rated Cello Lessons Provider. We are awarded “Best of Thumbtack” and a 5-star Google rating.
  6. Low Pressure. Try a lesson before you enroll, stop at any time.
  7. We conveniently teach our cello lessons in Portland, Oregon. We also offer home private lessons.
  8. Anyone is welcome. We offer advanced and beginner cello lessons for adults, teens, and kids.

Our approach makes it easier for students to learn to play cello.

As music instructors, we meet regularly to discuss our teaching techniques in an effort to continuously improve our approach and create better experiences for our students.

One particularly important aspect of our teaching is correcting bad habits. Incorrect posture and playing out of tune can slow a student’s progress and dampen their confidence, so we aim to break those bad habits as quickly as possible. Once we recognize and break those bad habits, we help the student implement correct methods of play.

Give us a call or fill out our online registration form to meet with a teacher and experience the Eliason difference today with our local cello lessons and more!

Who takes cello lessons at Eliason School of Music?

Anyone of any age can participate in our lessons. Eliason School of Music currently has over 100 strings students that vary in age from as young as 4 to over 50.

Beginner cello lessons, as you would expect, teach new players the basics of playing cello. This includes learning music theory and how to read notes to help students advance quickly.

For intermediate and advanced students, however, lessons are designed with your musical goals in mind. Whether for competitions or auditions, our teachers will ensure you continue to improve upon your base knowledge and hone your skills.

In short, the technique taught at the school gives students the tools to be able to play any style of music at any level.

Cello Lessons Portland

Cello Lessons Portland

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