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Since 2004, our staff of dedicated music teachers in Portland have proudly offered piano, guitar, violin, voice, and cello lessons to students of all ages and experienceThis includes hosting free recitals and providing private music lessons at our school, online,  and to those who prefer learn from home. In addition to great guitar, cello, violin, and piano lessons and instructors, our music teachers in Portland conduct lessons using the Complete Instruction Method, which balances lessons learning by ear with note reading and theory. Students as young as the age of four as well as adults are welcome to enroll in our music lessons in Portland, Oregon.

If you are enrolling more than one family member, take advantage of our family discount to save on music lessons in Portland, Oregon. We also offer our lessons to those residing in Beaverton, Tigard, and Hillsboro.

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The Best Instructors & the Best Music Lessons

We understand that as a parent you have a choice between several local schools and providers of music lessons for kids in Portland and that not all programs are the same. At Eliason School of Music, we guarantee your child will receive the best quality music lessons in Portland, Oregon. This is because our staff is comprised of music teachers who have dedicated their lives to teaching others about the importance of music. They teach with passion to ensure every student thoroughly understands their lessons. You simply won’t find better music teachers in Portland.

At the Eliason School of Music, we offer diverse and well-balanced music education in a fun and supportive environment.

Here are some examples of what students are learning every week at the Eliason School of Music.

♫. A variety of Music such as Classical, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Movie Music, Broadway, Celtic, and more, even improvisation!
♫. Students learn to become great sight readers and get to play a wide variety of great Music.
♫. We develop a student’s natural ear, how to hear the subtleties of Music and how to play Music just by hearing it.
♫. We teach audition and concerto preparation for students who want to excel in Classical Music.
♫. We teach families in blocks of lesson time, many of them enjoy playing duets and practicing together at home.
♫. We offer music lessons for kids in Portland as young as age 4 years old.
♫. We teach performance skills. With our two free recitals every year we teach students how to prepare for performances and play with confidence.
♫. We make learning fun for kids. For young students, we have fun, effective practice charts that are clear and easy to follow at home and that have the right amount of challenge. Our teachers also create unique musical games that make practicing fun and develop a student’s innate talent.
♫. We make learning fun for adults. We do this by finding pieces of Music that you are motivated to play and giving you all the tools and support to achieve playing what your heart desires.

The Complete Instruction Method

Students receive all the technical tools necessary to achieve their highest play.

Students can play a wide assortment of music using the cello, guitar, piano, or violin and experience the joy of playing.

After years of experiences teaching piano, cello, violin & guitar lessons with music and voice students in Portland who came to our school after experiences with other programs in the Portland METRO area, we developed the Complete Instruction method. We found these students and parents had common complaints about their previous lessons for piano, cello, guitar, or violin that led them to us. Some students would play lots of pieces of music in their lessons and the focus was on fun, but they were not improving because important techniques were not being taught.

Other students were not learning any pieces and had spent as many as two years devoted solely to exercises and musical theory. To give students a balanced approach to learning in our guitar & piano lessons, we have developed Complete Instruction. We believe this sets us apart from other instructors that provide lessons, combined with a philosophy that learning music should be a fun and positive experience. Music is challenging, and as teachers, we help students around Portland to overcome challenges by using the best techniques and giving positive encouragement.

New To Music Lessons?

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Music Lessons That Make Sense

Over time, students enrolled in our music lessons develop the ability to learn music purely by ear as well as by note reading. This dual method of learning opens a world of possibilities for students, allowing them to be free to learn what inspires them to play.

Our unique approach also diminishes the likelihood of becoming frustrated, because when you learn a new piece of music you will have two ways of learning it in your mind, rather than just one. The method also works beautifully when exploring different styles such as Jazz, Folk, Pop, or Improvisation because you can hear how the notes should sound just by ear, but you also understand them and what they mean when they are written down on paper.

Online Music Lessons

To continue providing our lessons through difficult times, the Eliason School of Music has worked to expand our online music lesson offerings for your chosen instrument. Learning an instrument online has never been easier than with our reliable online tools and dedicated music instructors. By registering for classes at Eliason, you can learn piano, guitar, violin, or cello, all from the comfort of your own home. We have taken our innovative Complete Instruction Method online to reach our valuable customers no matter where they are.

Learning the Complete Instruction Method through our online music lessons is a lot of fun, and as teachers, we love sharing this new technique with our students. We look forward to meeting you, whether it’s through our music lessons in Portland, or virtually during an online session.

Jeffrey is a kind and talented musician that has been teaching piano to our now 7-year old daughter, Juliana for 1.5 years. He is adept at finding ways to keep her motivated and focused, which is a challenge when working with young children. He does well with teaching new topics and finds creative ways to solidify concepts, which are vital when learning to play an instrument. He finds her strengths and allows her to be creative, which is part of the art form. We appreciate Jeffrey’s style and patience and would recommend him to any new learner of piano.

Jackie Shorthill

Our son has been taking piano lessons from Jeffrey for almost a year now. Jeffrey is dependable, professional, and our son enjoys their lesson time together. We are very pleased with the progress he has made and will continue to make through his lessons with Jeffrey.

Gina and Cliff Lascink

My two sons, 11 and 13 years old, have been taking piano and guitar lessons from Jeffery for just over a year now.  My husband and I have found him to be highly personable, communicative, and possesses a tremendous amount of patience. My 13 year old son who is learning the guitar is pretty reserved and shy, but Jeffrey’s warm and engaging style really works for him. Seeing both boys grow and learn while taking lessons from Jeffrey has been priceless. My husband and I feel music is important for children and Jeffrey does a great job in finding music that inspires and motivates them to play.

Catherine Morgan

My son and I feel Brian is an instructor who knows how to play, how to teach other people to play, and has patience, wisdom, and prudence to do his job.

Alex A.

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The Life Changing Complete Instruction Method

When Erin walked into our music school in Portland for lessons seven years ago, she was on the brink of quitting music altogether, however she figured she would give it one more try. At the first lesson the teacher noticed three main problems with her technique and wrote out a practice chart to remedy these issues.

Within 20 minutes, she noticed her violin sound was much improved and realized what she had been missing all these years. She also was working on a piece of music that was beyond her current ability and she had been frustrated as she struggled to make sense of the notes.

The teacher found some easier pieces to work with and played examples for her, making sure to find pieces that not only were within her ability level, but that she liked the sound of and would enjoy musically as well. Her new practice plan contained a balance of exercises to improve the Tone and beauty of her sound, easier but enjoyable pieces to grow her skills and confidence, a note reading assignment every day as well as a new advanced piece that was challenging but not too difficult.

This violin lesson was a huge turning point for her musically, she was soon able to read and understand all the notes, create a beautiful sound that her ears enjoy, and express herself in pieces of music that she loved. Erin has now reached the highest levels of violin, playing concertos of the greatest difficult with beauty and precision.

Most importantly, however, she enjoys the violin once again and she found her inspiration as a musician.