Returning to In-Person Music Lessons

With people becoming fully vaccinated and the continued practice of CDC-recommended safety measures Eliason School of Music is excited to invite students back into the classroom for socially distanced music lessons right here in Portland, Oregon. All members of our teaching staff are fully vaccinated and prepared to teach lessons in accordance with our new school safety policies and procedures to help keep you or your children safe. The new school safety measures include the following:

Socially Distanced Music Lessons

Each in-person music lesson will require participants to be socially distanced, with a minimum of six feet between each person. We also require all participants to wear a mask. However, wearing a mask is not a substitute for social distancing, and each person will still be required to maintain the minimum distance of six feet apart.

Wearing a Mask or Other Approved Face Covering

As many of us know by now, wearing a mask or face covering is one of the first defenses in keeping yourself and others safe. All participants must wear a mask or other approved face covering while inside the classroom. The face covering should completely cover the nose and mouth and fit snugly against the sides of face without gaps. Masks may be removed to play an instrument that requires using your mouth to produce music, but must be placed back on when using the instrument ceases.

Clean, Disinfected, and Ventilated

To reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses, we have our building professionally cleaned three times a week. After each cleaning, we ventilate the building to help mitigate the containment of cleaning agent odors and allow fresh air into the building.

Fully Vaccinated Teaching Staff

Each member of our teaching staff is fully vaccinated. What this means is that each has received the required dosage of their chosen vaccine; if more than one dosage was required, they waited the required two weeks to be considered fully vaccinated before resuming teaching. However, like our participants, our teaching staff will continue to socially distance and wear masks during class until further notice.