Learn to Play Violin Online 

Utilizing Innovative Web Tools to Teach Violin Remotely

Learn violin from the comfort of your own home with our newly offered private online violin lessons. The professional instructors at Eliason School of Music utilize remote communication tools to help our students develop their passion for playing the violin. Students that advance through our program will learn best practices, advanced techniques, and music theory to bolster their understanding of the art form. Our ultimate goal is to help our students become great musicians by teaching them the techniques and concepts necessary for a full understanding of what it takes to play violin well. 

When To Start Violin Lessons for Your Child

The Complete Instruction Method 

To combat some common misgivings with traditional music lessons, Eliason School of Music has developed our Complete Instruction Method. This approach focuses on the many different overlapping skills necessary to become a fully realized violin player. We not only teach the skills required to play the instrument, but also the concepts necessary to have a broader understanding of music theory and music reading. By the end of our online violin lessons, our students will be able to play violin music by ear or by reading notes. 

We also believe that variety and encouragement are vital in successfully learning to play any instrument. Our instructors create customized practice charts, assign skill-appropriate music to rehearse, and develop music theory lessons to broaden students’ understanding. When this is coupled with positive encouragement and fun, you have an all-encompassing approach to learning violin which is sure to produce a motivated and skilled musician. 

Online Violin Lessons for Kids 

The Complete Instruction Method from Eliason School of Music is the perfect way to introduce your child to playing the violin. We offer our online violin lessons to kids because we know that the best musicians start young. By developing important skills and nurturing a love for music, we strive to develop children into confident, aspiring musicians. If you’re seeking to sign your child up for online violin lessons, give us a call today to learn more about what the Complete Instruction Method can do for you. 

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