Private Music Lessons for Kids in Portland

Help Your Child Grow Their Passion for Music!

Musical education is an amazing way for children to develop a passion and learn useful skills, such as self-discipline and time management, all while having fun. Music lessons for kids are proven to provide many benefits outside of just learning music, and if you’re looking for private music lessons for your child in Portland, the Eliason School of Music can help. We have a team of truly talented and dedicated music instructors who are dedicated to ensuring your child not only learns to play an instrument but also finds joy in the process. Whether your child wants to learn violin, cello, piano, guitar or wants to improve their voice, we have a place for you at Eliason.

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The Complete Instruction Method

At the Eliason School of Music, we utilize our Complete Instruction Method to fully engage our students in their music. With this approach, your child will be instructed in traditional note reading and supplemented with freeform exercises. This combination of techniques will result in students feeling comfortable both reading sheet music and playing music by ear. Throughout your child’s lessons, they will learn to play various genres and styles, ranging from classic country to heavy metal. No matter what skill level or background you come from, our instructors will help your child perfect the fundamentals and develop into a confident musician.

Now Offering Online Music Lessons for Kids

If taking lessons at home or at our music school in Portland isn’t an option, Eliason School of Music now offers online music lessons for kids. These lessons utilize innovative web tools to teach our Complete Instruction Methods in the same manner as we would in a classroom. Our amazing instructors work individually with each child to help them gain a thorough understanding of and appreciation for their instrument while learning the best techniques and building a lasting passion for music. If you’re interested in growing your musical skills, register today!

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