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Best Music Genres for Learning Piano

Author Hans Christian Andersen once said, “Where words fail, music speaks.” Along with raising some interesting questions about the whole mute plot of The Little Mermaid, these words move us because they’re so true. And if music is a language, genres are the different dialects. For the aspiring pianist wanting to learn to speak the […]

The Advantages of Learning To Play Guitar

If I told you to picture a “cool” person in your head, you’d probably imagine someone wearing a set of shades, driving a slick car to a rock concert where they’re playing lead guitar. Let’s face it: guitars are the definition of cool. But because being popular should not be the only reason you pick […]

Common Challenges When Learning to Play the Violin

The boot-stomping exuberance of a country fiddle. The mournful voice of an Irish folk song. The elegant notes of Bach or Beethoven waltzing through a symphony hall. Who knew that one instrument could evoke so many images? But the violin dazzles with an impressive musical range. Now, if only it were a little easier to […]

The Benefits of Online Piano Lessons

Since keyboard-based instruments have been around for roughly 700 years, instruments that use it, such as the piano, have gotten a reputation for being a little old school. But that doesn’t mean the piano can’t bring music into the digital age of the internet—and we’re not merely talking about the wonderful world of techno. We’re […]