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Top Tips for Successful Online Voice Lessons

Singers are the only musicians who are their instruments. And that’s exciting! It’s like you’re practicing your own super-power. But because you are the instrument, it can make getting in front of a highly trained vocal professional and having them judge your technique even more nerve-wracking, even with the barrier of the computer screen. Because […]

When To Start Violin Lessons for Your Child

We’ve all heard that Mozart sat down in front of a keyboard at the age of four, composed by five, and performed for royalty by the age of six. Stories like that make us want to give our future musical geniuses the earliest start we can. But violins aren’t as easy to pick up as […]

The Advantages of Learning How to Play Piano

Let’s be honest, you’ve heard some grown-up suggest piano lessons and then heard a child run for their life at least once in your life. Maybe that child was you. For far too long, piano lessons have been associated with boring, mind-numbing drudgery that teaches skills you’ll probably never use again. But piano lessons don’t […]

The Benefits of Online Music Lessons

“If music be the food of love, play on!” So wrote William Shakespeare in the play Twelfth Night. We aren’t 100% sure what he meant by that, but one thing is for sure: music is the food we love, and we want to play on! But learning music isn’t always easy, and finding the means […]

Piano Lessons Portland OR

A Universal Understanding of Music And Piano Lessons The opportunity to learn a musical instrument is one of the most wonderful gifts you can give your child. Piano is an especially fruitful instrument to learn due to the ways in which your child will not only grow their performance skills, but also their understanding of […]

Getting Past Roadblocks Learning Music

In our Music School in SW Portland we see hundreds of students sign up for lessons every year, eager to embark on the exciting journey of learning music. There is always a honeymoon period when you begin an instrument, where everything is exciting and new. This period may last weeks or months but after this […]

The Parent’s Guide to Beginning Music Lessons

The Parent’s Guide to Beginning Music LessonsThis guide is designed to help parents who are thinking about starting their children in music lessons.  As a music teacher for twenty years, I have answered the most common questions I am typically asked about beginning children in music! ~ ~~~~~~Question: “My child is almost four years old.  […]