“We have been attending Eliason Music for 3 years now and absolutely love it! Not only is Brian (owner and violin teacher) a superb violinist but he’s also a fantastic teacher! He knows how to get the kids to practice and to love playing music. We were excited when the school added guitar as my daughter is learning to play and my kids can attend at the same time. Noah, the guitar teacher, is awesome. He is willing to teach anything the kids want to learn. We can’t say enough about Eliason!”

Michelle C.

“Brian is AWESOME! I have known him for over 25 years – we were in junior symphony together. He was always a better musician than I was so I wasn’t surprised when I heard he had started Eliason School of Music. When it came time for me to start music lessons for my kids (now 12 and 9) there was no doubt that I would go to Brian. I trusted him; I knew his was a great musician and even though my kids weren’t going to take violin, I knew he would choose the best piano teachers around and I wasn’t wrong. We had a couple different teachers for my kids and they loved them. They learned so much. At home, my kids would almost fight over who got to practice – Music to my ears, quite literally. They love the piano. The teachers there inspired my kids to be the best they could be. My kids have different learning styles so I was impressed that the teachers could adapt – or Brian choose teachers to fit my kids’ personalities perfectly. We moved out of state so had to stop taking lessons and are so bummed. I keep looking for someone I can trust that can inspire my kids like we had with Eliason School.”

Kathy S.

“My daughters have been taking lessons at Eliason for about three years now, one in piano and the other in violin. The teachers at the school always make the lessons fun and what we are most pleased with is the fact that our children really love to play! I also appreciate the discounted rate for families and the free recitals that take place every Spring and Fall. We are very happy with our experience here and we would recommend the school to anyone.”

Danielle W.

“My 9 year old daughter has been going to the Eliason Music School for the last one year. During this time, I have seen a remarkable improvement in her playing ability, willingness to practice, and eagerness to go to her lessons. She enjoys Brian’s teaching style. He is patient, creative, encouraging, and at the same time gently nudging my daughter to excel in new areas of her playing. In addition, Brian communicates effectively with parents. He has offered sage advice when it comes to implementing practice routines at home. He has come up with creative, fun incentive rewards and additional motivation for my daughter. I highly recommend Brian and his school.”

John G.

“Since I was 5 years old, I’ve had many music teachers for a variety of instruments and voice. Brian Eliason, my violin teacher for the past year and a half, is by far the most positive and thorough of all. Besides being a talented musician, he just has a way of connecting with students, of any age, so that they too can fall in love with their instrument and thrive. I am always impressed with how well he remembers and empathizes with where I am on my journey with the violin. There are never any judgments; just solid instruction, inspiration and encouragement. I feel lucky to be there. I have also experienced lessons with two other teachers and found them to be just as friendly and capable of providing a great lesson. I can’t recommend the Eliason School of Music enough.”

Christa D.

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“My three children have taken violin and piano lessons here for 8 years. Brian Eliason has taught my sons violin in the most professional, patient, and caring manner possible. He is an excellent violinist who knows how to inspire kids and teens of all ages. The kindness and positive role modeling he has demonstrated towards my sons and our family has been foundational, not only musically, but developmentally and emotionally. My daughter has taken piano here for many years and always comes away inspired, happy, and motivated. Her teacher makes learning the piano fun, no matter what the circumstances. In the 8 years we have been going to this studio weekly, I have never experienced anything but warmth, positive regard, respect, and flexibility from these consummate professionals and outstanding musicians.”

Kathleen D.

“Simply put Eliason School of Music has and continues to be exactly the right choice for my kids. Learning a musical instrument was a non negotiable for me and now my kids. And having been brought up in a musical family with one parent and two siblings in the music business finding the right approach and teacher was incredibly important to me. I found that in Eliason School of Music. Both my kids are thriving in their musical endeavors … one in violin and the other in piano. Brian and his team are first class in their approach and the opportunities they provide their students. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Richard A.

“My daughter has been taught by Eliason School of Music since she was four. She has developed a love for her violin, as well as patience and confidence in her abilities as well. I believe the teaching approach at Eliason School of Music to be the best. The students are nurtured, they have fun, and they really learn to play! The kindness at Eliason School of Music is what sets them apart from the rest. They have truly given my daughter the gift of music.”

Joanne C.

“As an adult learner, I find Eliason School of Music to be the perfect fit. My piano teacher relates well to students of all ages, and she teaches in such a way that she challenges and motivates me at the same time. She is creative, flexible, and fun.. and I find that I look forward to each week’s lesson. I am seeing drastic improvements in my skills, and am extremely pleased with my experience at Eliason School of Music.”

Karen S.

“Brian is very sharp and aware, and always coming up with new ways to learn more easily and quickly! All the while, he is accepting and friendly! Encouraging, effective, excellent instruction, excellent examples, highly skilled in a comfortable environment”

David D.

“Brian is the best teacher our two sons have ever had! They have been taking violin for seven years, have had 5 different teachers, and like Brian better than any of their former instructors. He is patient, connects well with kids, and is masterful in teaching new skills and concepts. Plus, he plays the violin beautifully – an inspiration for our sons!”

The Dunns

“Our daughter’s violin lessons have been a lot of fun for the whole family. We love listening to her practice and watching her progress. Brian is very patient and teaches in such a way that children can visualize what he wants them to do on the violin. It’s a wonderful experience!”

Ilje & Brett A.

“I’ve been taking lessons for almost 6 years now from Brian, and I have never wanted to switch teachers like so many of my friends have.”

Hayley T.

“The Eliason School of Music is fun and my sisters and I have learned a lot very quickly. The teachers are enthusiastic and help you learn at your own pace. Music here is a lot of fun! ? x 2!”

Celine D.

“Andrea has been wonderfully patient introducing me to music reading/playing at the ripe old age of 57! She listens and offers help. I especially appreciate her technical approach to learning. She knows just the trick to get me out of jams!”

Ellen H.

“I wanted to play the piano all of my life.. Well at the age of 45, I’ve started! Never thought I could but thanks to Andrea and Eliason School of Music, I am now reading and playing music! Dreams can come true!!”

Katherine T.

“I have been learning twice as much here as with any other teacher.”

Stuart R. Age 10

“Very pleased with piano instructor Katie – She’s exceptional!”

Tony C.

“Brian is a great teacher for our son Kevin. He has high standards but is very patient and positive. We feel lucky to have found him.”

Ruth W. & Jack K.

“My son and I feel Brian is an instructor who knows how to play, how to teach other people to play, and has patience, wisdom, and prudence to do his job.”

Alex A.

“Brian is a gifted, patient and intuitive teacher. My daughter is now enjoying playing the violin even more and more importantly with such a beautiful tone.”

Karen Y.

“I like piano lessons so much. Andrea is a great teacher.”

Harrison S.

“Andrea incorporates all schools to have my children learn to read, play, and enjoy music.”

“Katlyn has been Brian’s student for the last two years from age 4 ½. His patience and ability to communicate well with our daughter has helped her develop into a fine violinist and excellent student.”

Kammi M.

“Thank you Brian for your great ability to bring the best out in our daughter’s playing.”

Lucia M.

“I am happy because Brian teaches me!”

Katlyn M. Age 6.

“We had several teachers before we went to Eliason School of Music. Finally we found someone who really teaches and explains things in a language that children can understand. We are delighted with the teaching and amazed by the improvement in our son’s performance.”

David D

“Eliason School of Music has wonderful teachers who are remarkably creative. They teach students how to play properly and they have fun in the process! They are very gifted.”

Paula C.

“You have really exceeded our expectations and we are amazed how thoughtful you are with the kiddos.”

The Irelands

“The games and technique the teachers think up are just amazing to me. My daughter loves the lessons and she loves playing at home.”

Cherly D.

“Brian Eliason has a gift for teaching. He is truly excellent.”

Mitch G

“Jeffrey is a kind and talented musician that has been teaching piano to our now 7-year old daughter, Juliana for 1.5 years. He is adept at finding ways to keep her motivated and focused, which is a challenge when working with young children. He does well with teaching new topics and finds creative ways to solidify concepts, which are vital when learning to play an instrument. He finds her strengths and allows her to be creative, which is part of the art form. We appreciate Jeffrey’s style and patience and would recommend him to any new learner of piano.”

Jackie Shorthill

“Our son has been taking piano lessons from Jeffrey for almost a year now. Jeffrey is dependable, professional, and our son enjoys their lesson time together. We are very pleased with the progress he has made and will continue to make through his lessons with Jeffrey.”

Gina and Cliff Lascink

“My two sons, 11 and 13 years old, have been taking piano and guitar lessons from Jeffery for just over a year now. My husband and I have found him to be highly personable, communicative, and possesses a tremendous amount of patience. My 13 year old son who is learning the guitar is pretty reserved and shy, but Jeffrey’s warm and engaging style really works for him. Seeing both boys grow and learn while taking lessons from Jeffrey has been priceless. My husband and I feel music is important for children and Jeffrey does a great job in finding music that inspires and motivates them to play.”

Catherine Morgan