Returning to In-Person Voice Lessons

With many becoming vaccinated in an effort to bring the COVID-19 pandemic to an end, Eliason School of Music is excited to announce the return of in-person voice lessons in Portland, Oregon. We provide professionally taught in-person voice lessons for beginner, novice, or experienced singers. All our vocal coaches are fully vaccinated and practice social distancing in classrooms that adheres to CDC-recommended safety protocols. This means that students and instructors alike will remain six feet away from each other during all voice lessons. Our fully vaccinated teaching staff members wear a CDC-approved public safety mask when teaching, and we ask students to wear masks too when they aren’t singing. However, we recognize not everyone is comfortable with in-person singing lessons in Portland, Oregon, just yet. Should you eventually decide to participate, you can rest assured that all our classrooms are sanitized, ventilated, and disinfected following every lesson. By following all COVID-19 health protocols, we show that public safety is one of our top priorities, so instructors, students, and parents can feel safe and healthy during their singing lessons in Portland, Oregon.

We offer a wide variety of voice lessons in Portland, Oregon, to fit your respective vocal range. Whether participating in online or in-person voice lessons, we prepare you for school concerts, for professional development, or to learn new musical skills—whether you want to enroll your child or yourself. Our professional vocal coach utilizes vocal exercises to condition and strengthen your vocal cords as well as breathing exercises, posture, balance, and scales to develop your voice. Outside of our singing lessons in Portland, Oregon, we encourage students to practice their lesson plans with home-based vocal exercises so that they’re ready for their next in-person voice lesson. If you wish to expand your vocal abilities and master your musical capability, consider pairing your voice lessons in Portland, Oregon, with our instrument lessons, such as piano or guitar. Ultimately, our professional staff of instructors and social distancing in classrooms will help build your vocal skills in a safe, responsible learning environment.