The Advantages of Learning To Play Guitar

If I told you to picture a “cool” person in your head, you’d probably imagine someone wearing a set of shades, driving a slick car to a rock concert where they’re playing lead guitar. Let’s face it: guitars are the definition of cool. But because being popular should not be the only reason you pick up an instrument, here are a few additional advantages of learning to play guitar.

Musical Versatility

The rock star from our introduction isn’t the only kind of guitar player out there. If we could gather all the guitarists in the world in one space, you would find yourself staring out at country artists in cowboy boots, folk artists in flower crowns, blues players from New Orleans, and flamenco artists from Madrid. If you’re the sort of musician who wants a taste of everything, play guitar. You’ll have the world at your fingertips.


One of the advantages of learning to play the guitar is underrated yet very practical. And it’s this: you can play it anywhere. It’s hard to lug a piano on the bus, and if you wanted to practice a little on your commute, it would be tough to balance a violin. The guitar’s portability turns you into a modern-day minstrel who can bring music to the masses anywhere, anytime.


Some musicians enjoy playing the instrument for the instrument’s sake. For others, the instrument is the foundation they build their vocal performance on. Guitars make some of the best instruments for accompaniment. Your mouth is left free, you can stand or sit with good posture for breath support, and guitar accompaniment tends to be easier to play than piano accompaniment.


“Hey, I thought you said being popular wasn’t a good reason to pick up an instrument!”

When we say a guitar’s popularity is an advantage, we don’t mean play it because it’ll make people like you. The fact so many people like guitar means there’s an abundance of resources out there about it. And, with so many guitarists, there are plenty of people to bond with over your instrument.

Whether you’re playing in your own rock ‘n roll band or strumming your favorite tunes in the living room, a guitar is guaranteed to make you cool. Not because it makes you popular, but because it makes you happy. Our Portland guitar lessons are designed to get you started on your guitar adventure.