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A Universal Understanding of Music And Piano Lessons

The opportunity to learn a musical instrument is one of the most wonderful gifts you can give your child. Piano is an especially fruitful instrument to learn due to the ways in which your child will not only grow their performance skills, but also their understanding of musicality in general. This is because learning the piano involves an understanding of music theory, with all of the intervals and chord changes visually represented on the instrument itself.

Though it can be said that other instruments also provide your child an understanding of music theory, piano is the most intuitive instrument for your child to learn if you want them to truly have a grasp on the subject. On top of this, the Eliason School of Music also uses the innovative Suzuki method as the backbone of our lesson schedules, allowing your child to learn an easy way to pick up pieces quickly while also maintaining a good sense of technique. We also understand that it’s most beneficial to learn from a variety of perspectives, causing us to also use the Faber and Faber method to teach piano efficiently.

Build Your Piano Skills From the Ground Up In Portland

Regardless of which type of music your child wants to play, it’s important to introduce them to piano playing in a way that focuses on technique at first. This is because the benefits of maintaining technical prowess such as posture and control will not only make playing music easier, but also help your child play without risk of injury later on in their life. For many, this is one of the main reasons to study at the Eliason School of Music, as we are known for our technically focused lessons that help your child have the tools necessary to be both a versatile musician and a healthy one.

This is why our lessons initially center around classical music. As a tried-and-true method for teaching one piano, the classical repertoire has a wide variety of different exercises and pieces that you child can play. Not only is there already a rich history of repertoire composed specifically for beginners, but your child can also use these pieces to learn a lot about how to play piano and begin developing their overall skills early on.

Another benefit of learning from the classical repertoire is that there are plenty of opportunities for your child to perform pieces written for beginners, allowing them to not only develop their technical skills, but also their performance abilities. These are all important building blocks to being a successful artist, meaning that your child will undoubtedly get an education that suits them.

Flexibility is Possible With Piano Lessons

One of the unique things about our piano lessons is that we begin by teaching primarily classical music, but allow your child to open up to jazz and other types of pop music if they want to later on in their lessons. This is part of our initiative to consistently keep piano lessons engaging and fun, allowing children to feel completely comfortable in piano lessons and never bored. Through this teaching method, you’ll likely never have to convince your child to practice, as they will be clamoring to get straight to their lessons!

In the modern day and age, we find that the most important way to get a child to stay on top of piano technique is to meet them where they’re at, resulting in our lessons catering to what your child needs but also what they want. This is why so many parents keep coming back to the Eliason School of Music in Portland Oregon, as we understand what it means to give your child quality, well-rounded music education!

Portland Oregon Piano Brings Life Lessons

One of the most important things about learning piano is that the life lessons your children will learn extend far beyond just musical knowledge. For example, being able to practice an instrument in preparation for weekly lessons can teach your child a great deal about time management, forcing them to adapt to some sort of regular routine. This might seem like a small factor in one’s daily schedule, but can actually go a long way to teaching your child how to organize their time and stay on top of assigned tasks.

Another important life lesson that can be learned from piano lessons in Portland OR is the ability to practice mindfulness. In order to learn the instrument efficiently, children in our lessons have to understand how to properly concentrate and build their memory skills. On top of this, having to focus on performance and concentration under potentially nervous situations allows your child the opportunity to build their perception of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is an important skill to learn and can help growing children in many other areas of their life. For example, the skills your child learns from staying calm before a piano performance can easily be applied to test-taking situations in school and potential auditions later on in life.

Piano Lessons Offer Health Benefits!

Did you know that there are also many health benefits of playing piano? Learning music is a way for your child to not only increase their musical understanding of the world, but also their mathematical one. Those who practice music from a young age are shown to have stronger understandings of mathematics, reading comprehension, and even less stress overall!

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