Since being founded in 2004, Eliason School of Music has been a leader in the Portland, OR music education scene. Since opening, their music instructors have assisted hundreds of students in learning musical instruments like the piano, violin, cello, and guitar. In addition to on-site lessons, Eliason also offers private lessons for those that prefer playing in the comfort of their own home. Student ages at Eliason range anywhere from as young as four years old, to adults of all ages. 

In addition to their comprehensive guitar, cello, violin, and Portland piano lessons, the Eliason School of Music also developed the Complete Instruction Method. This method, originally developed by Eliason’s founder(s), helps balance their music lessons by allowing students to learn through listening by ear, as well as note reading and theory. This method came to fruition after music instructors noticed that incoming students and parents had complaints about prior music lessons. The biggest complaint being that students had the opportunity to play lots of fun music in their lessons, but that the lessons were focused more on fun and not technique. This led to many students falling behind, or not improving, because important musical techniques were being completely overlooked in previous lessons. In addition, they found that many students were not learning any real pieces, and simply devoted the bulk of their time running through different musical exercises, and learning about musical theory. In an attempt to offer students a balanced approach to learning piano, guitar, cello, and violin, Eliason School of Music created, and implemented the Complete Instruction Method. 

Thanks to their innovative teaching methods, the Eliason School of Music has made a name for themselves as one of the leading music schools in the entire Portland Metro area. Students enrolled in their program are taught, and led by instructors that provide comprehensive music education, but also hold the belief that learning music should be a fun and positive experience for all. They know that music can be challenging, and the instructors at Eliason assist students in overcoming these challenges and by developing and using only the best techniques and positive encouragement. Music instructors at the Portland area school consist of career music teachers for piano, guitar, violin & cello who have focused solely on teaching lessons as a life path, and whose life mission is to help spread the love of music. 

The Eliason School of Music in Portland offers fun private lessons, free recitals, family discounts and are conveniently located in central Portland. We proudly offer lessons on-site at their school and are able to travel to Beaverton, Hillsboro, and Tigard in addition to their permanent location. To learn more about The Eliason School of Music visit: