violin lessons Portland

violin lessons Portland

Did you know that learning the violin can positively impact your child's memory power and attention span? At Eliason Music, We offer the best violin lessons in Portland. We use the Suzuki method and scaled-down instruments to teach children as young as four years old to play the violin.

What are the benefits of learning the violin?

If you love arts and wish to sign up for a class to eliminate stress, then learning the violin is a highly viable option for you. Here are some of the benefits of learning violin:

  • Learning to play the violin offers a healthy outlet to express your voice, thoughts, and opinions. It is also a great alternative to channelize your anger, grudge, and other negative emotions.
  • The act of playing the violin improves resilience and perseverance. Learning to play the violin requires patience and hard work. As you keep practicing to master the art, you develop valuable life skills. 
  • Violin improves memory power and concentration as it involves memorizing the notes to play the right strings.

Violin is a great stress buster that relaxes the mind and soul. We offer fun and affordable violin lessons in Portland for students of all ages.

Things to know before learning violin

 Playing the violin can be an enriching experience as it is one of the most expressive and sublime instruments to learn and play. Here are important tips for amateur violin artists:

  • If this is your first time playing the violin, start with a relaxing inhale-exhale exercise. Relax your muscles before you start playing for the best output.
  • Position your violin precisely. Make sure to place the violin on your left shoulder in such a way that it is parallel to the floor. Always lift your violin with your left hand by the violin's body and never by its neck.
  • Hold the bow with the amount of pressure and grip. Your bow is your key to delivering the best music. When you hold the bow right, you offer your fingers flexibility, weight control, and agility

At our music school, we focus on teaching our students how to acquire balance and educate them on proper bowing skills. Since playing the violin largely depends on muscle power, we start by teaching our novice players to use tape markings on the fingerboard.

How long does it take to learn the violin?

It can take last three or five years to perfect the art of playing the violin. However, you must have a great teacher and the determination to commit to daily practice. Our students begin to pick up tunes within three months of taking violin lessons. Violin is quite a challenging instrument to learn, especially if this is the first musical instrument that you are learning. Nevertheless, focus on perfecting the technique and practice hard to master the art of playing the violin.

Call the Eliason Music today to enroll for our violin lessons in Portland. We offer all our music lessons at an affordable fee to ensure that every child and adult has an equal opportunity to learn music.

violin lessons Portland
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violin lessons Portland violin lessons Portland

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