piano lessons Portland

piano lessons Portland

At Eliason Music, we offer the best piano lessons in Portland to children and adults. Children who learn the piano from us have shown a considerable improvement in their cognitive skills. Also, learning the piano improves your child's posture and inculcates creativity.

Benefits of learning music

Enrolling children for music lessons at a young age imparts valuable skills like perseverance, focus, and patience in them. Furthermore, music lessons also offer the following benefits to the learner:

  • Develops the brain - Music plays a pivotal role in a child's mental and cognitive development. Music students score higher marks in standardized tests than their counterparts in school.
  • Relieves stress - Music is a fantastic stress buster. Playing and listening to music after a busy day can help you lead a more stress-free life. Learning to play an instrument can help you overcome issues like depression, anxiety, and insomnia.
  • Improves social skills - Musicians often play the violin, piano, and cello as a part of a large choir, band, or orchestra. Teamwork and communication are crucial to playing as a part of a large group. Music teaches team spirit and nurtures the habit of working towards a common goal.

Learning a musical instrument is a fun exercise for your mind, body, and soul. We offer the best piano lessons in Portland for children and adults at affordable prices.

Can you learn music at any age?

Yes, you can learn music at any age as age does not affect your ability to learn an instrument. Children can enroll in piano lessons from the age of 4 and for guitar lessons from the age of 7.

If you wish to see your child excel in playing the violin, enroll him/her for violin lessons from the age of 5. Kids intrigued by cello can start learning this instrument from ages 7 – 9. Music is an outstanding way of developing focus and cognitive skills in children. It is never too late to learn music as long as you have the time and passion for it.

Three reasons you should sign up for piano lessons

The piano is a versatile instrument that is easy to learn and can benefit both kids and adults in a lot of ways. Here are three solid reasons for why you must sign up for piano lessons:

  • Playing the piano makes you smarter - There are hundreds of studies that advocate the effectiveness of piano training in academic success. Learning to play the piano stimulates the left side of your brain that is responsible for logical reasoning, calculations, and creativity.
  • Builds self-confidence - You get comfortable with expressing yourself by playing the piano. You feel empowered and more confident to play in front of a broad audience.
  • Teaches discipline - Learning to play the piano requires practice, perseverance, patience, and hard work. The art of learning music does not come easily for everyone. In fact, music favors those who have the discipline for it.

Get in touch with the Eliason Music today to enroll for piano lessons in Portland. We plan all our music lessons according to age, mental ability, and grasping the power of our students.

piano lessons Portland
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piano lessons Portland piano lessons Portland

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