Music Lessons Portland

Music Lessons Portland

Eliason Music is a school for learning music from the most talented musicians in Oregon. We offer music lessons in Portland for students of all ages at affordable prices.

The easiest instrument for kids to learn

Enrolling your children for music lessons is a great way to hone your child's cognitive skills and improve their brain development. However, make sure not to pressurize your kids into learning something that their little minds can't comprehend. Here is a list of fun and easy instruments that children can start learning from a young age:

  • Piano - A piano is a perfect instrument for children to learn because it encompasses so many elements of music such as melody, rhythm, harmony, etc. A piano is a versatile instrument that can be used to play easy, as well as highly complex notes. Children that have perfected their piano skills find it a lot easier to transition to other instruments. 
  • Guitar - Guitar is the second easiest instrument for children to learn. Kids develop a special interest for guitar from watching most of their favorite musicians play popular songs using a guitar. The guitar is a foundational instrument and helps children understand the basics of music more easily.
  • Violin - Although learning the violin is not as easy as learning the piano and guitar, it is a beautiful instrument that can benefit your child's brain tremendously. Violin helps children develop a good ear for intonation and improves their manual dexterity.

At our music school, we offer the best music lessons in Portland. Our team of highly talented musicians offers violin, piano, guitar, and cello lessons for students of all ages at affordable prices.

Is learning the piano easy?

The piano is generally easy to learn and master. Signing up for piano lessons with an expert can help you master the instrument in a couple of years. Make sure to practice the instrument regularly and maintain a journal to jot down your tips and notes to playing a tune. 

Once you are thorough with the basics, make the learning more fun by jamming with other musicians. This way, you can improvise your technique, get valuable tips from fellow musicians, and enjoy the wholesome experience. With regular practice, you will eventually develop and improve your ear to a certain extent that will help you play the instrument with élan and ease.

How does music help children's development?

Research and studies have found that exposure to music can accelerate the pace of brain development in young kids. Children exposed to music in their early developmental years showed significant growth in language acquisition and reading abilities. Furthermore, learning to play a musical instrument can improve your child's mathematical skills and improve their intellectual and social-emotional literacy.

If you're looking to sign up for music lessons in Portland, call Eliason Music today. Our team members can help you with details on our programs, schedules, and prices. We offer piano, cello, guitar, and violin lessons in a supportive and fun environment.

Music Lessons Portland
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Music Lessons Portland Music Lessons Portland

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