guitar lessons Portland

guitar lessons Portland

At Eliason Music, our team of highly talented music teachers offers acoustic and electric guitar lessons in Portland for students of all ages. We offer guitar coaching using the Suzuki method and the traditional note reading techniques to help students learn the instrument the right way.

What Age Can Kids Start Learning Guitar?

If you believe that your child has developed a peculiar liking for guitar, you might as well enroll him for guitar lessons with an accomplished instructor. Each child's pace of learning and cognitive abilities are different from one another. Hence, make sure to wait until your child is at least six years of age before you sign up your child for guitar lessons.

Older children have better control over their motor skills, and they show better progress in learning the instrument. An extremely passionate and creative teacher can teach guitar lessons for a child as young as four. We offer guitar lessons in Portland with a team of highly talented guitarists.

Benefits of learning to play the guitar

Learning to play the guitar has its list of perks. Learning guitar builds self-confidence and improves concentration and focus. It also teaches creativity, out of the box thinking, and improves problem-solving abilities. People who suffer from anger management issues or anxiety can benefit from guitar lessons, as playing the instruments allows you to channel your expressions creatively in the form of music.

Learning guitar can benefit children that suffer from issues like ADHD and hyperactivity as the music relaxes their brain and increases their attention span. Furthermore, there is plenty of researches that validates the fact that children who learn music perform better in school than children that do not learn music.

Is guitar easy to learn?

Learning anything can be easy if you put your heart and mind to it. On that note, the guitar is quite an easy instrument to learn like the piano. If you have a passion for playing the instrument, you may find the whole process intriguing and learn the technique much faster.

Learning from a competent guitar teacher also plays a vital role in the learning process. An exceptional teacher will be able to break down the lessons into small modules for easy step-by-step learning. Furthermore, a good teacher will also help you develop a profound interest in playing the instrument and encourage you to practice regularly.  

Preparing for your first guitar lesson

Make sure you know why you want to learn the guitar. Do not be afraid to ask questions to your teacher. While you may do some research online to gain basic knowledge on the technical terms, keys, and notes on a guitar, it is not mandatory. More importantly, approach the art of learning guitar with an open mind.

Call Eliason Music for more information on our teaching methods, class schedules, and course fees. Our guitar lessons in Portland focuses on helping students learn the instrument fast and equips them to develop an ear for music.

guitar lessons Portland
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guitar lessons Portland guitar lessons Portland

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