cello lessons Portland

cello lessons Portland

Nothing is more rewarding than to learn to play an instrument. When you teach a child to play an instrument, you are giving him an interest in music that will last a lifetime. At Eliason School of Music, we offer cello lessons in Portland for students of all ages. We have a team of skilled instructors who teach students in weekly private sessions.

What is the Cello?

The cello is a stringed instrument that is larger than a violin. It has four strings and is part of every orchestra and is also used in a chamber orchestra. It can sometimes be used in other music styles such as jazz, folk, rock, and pop. You play the cello with a bow, and you can also pluck the instrument. It is a large instrument, so you play it seated, with the cello between the legs. The bottom of the cello typically has an endpin that supports the instrument on the floor when you play.

Cello Lessons in Portland

Anyone can learn to play an instrument with cello lessons in Portland. You can begin taking lessons at any time. Private lessons are ideal because the instructor will be able to spend time with you to teach you the correct positions and more. You may choose to rent a cello at first, and then you may prefer to purchase an instrument. Weekly lessons are the best way to improve your performance. You will learn new techniques in each lesson that builds on the previous class. You should practice daily at home to increase your skills. We offer half-hour lessons for cello students.

What Makes Music Lessons at Eliason School of Music Unique?

We offer unique and effective cello lessons in Portland for students of all ages. We use a system of teaching that uses the seven keys to tone. We incorporate this system of tone production into our lessons to make instruction more successful. Our system shows students how to create a better tone with their instrument as soon as possible. The technique is useful for students of all levels from beginner through advanced. Our lessons will also teach you how to learn music by ear as well as through reading notes. Our method gives you a balanced approach to learning to play the music that will help you with your instrument for years to come.

Call Eliason School of Music

At Eliason School of Music, we offer lessons for all levels of musicians. We offer guitar, piano, violin, and cello lessons in Portland. You will soon be able to start playing your instrument with our instruction. You can read many of the testimonials from our happy students. You can register for lessons online, and we will contact you within a day to set up a schedule. We offer half-hour sessions on weekdays between 1:30 and 8 pm, and we also offer weekend hours. If you are a beginning student, you don’t need to bring anything to your first lesson. We have a convenient location on Multnomah Blvd. in Portland.

cello lessons Portland
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cello lessons Portland cello lessons Portland

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