Providing Piano Lessons in Portland with a caring

and unique approach

Students in and around Portland enrolled in our piano lessons program learn pieces from the Suzuki method as well as the Faber and Faber method.  The benefits of using the Suzuki method when teaching piano lessons are that students can learn songs by ear, focus on performing them correctly, and create excellent habits of play such as proper posture.  Once our piano students have had some time to develop strong technical habits of play the focus is shifted more to the learning of scales, musical theory and sight reading.  This combination approach in our piano lessons program offered to students around Portland allows them to have fun and enjoy playing lots of songs, while at the same time they learn more deeply how to understand music through the application of scales and musical theory.

  Whether you are learning Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or preparing for a concerto competition all levels of piano are taught in our piano lessons classes at our school in Portland.

Who takes piano lessons at our school in Portland?

The Eliason School of Music enrolls Portland, Oregon students as young as age 4 and has many adult students as well.  Most of the lessons in the school are based on classical instruction, however intermediate and advanced students may also explore other styles of music in their lessons such as Jazz or Blues or Ragtime.  All lessons are tailored to meet the individual goals of each student and the techniques taught allow you to perform music of any style.

What makes our piano lessons different then other instructors in Portland

Our school in Portland has over fifteen piano lessons teachers on staff who are devoted to the art of teaching people to play the piano. One of the benefits of joining a larger piano school compared to a home studio is that we are more likely to pair students with the right teacher because we have many to choose from, and you can try lessons with a teacher before you decide to enroll. All of our teachers have their degrees in Music, years of teaching experience, and many have their Master's degree. As piano teachers we also get together for meetings throughout the year to share ideas and to brainstorm on ways to make the lessons more effective and a better experience for everyone. It is this focus on creating the best experience possible for students that inspires our students to practice consistently, reach their potential and have fun during the process.

What does it take to get started?

Our program offers lessons year round and it is easy to get started. If you click on the pink text in the upper right corner of this page you will be directed to our online registration form that takes just a moment to complete. After you complete this the school will email you back some possible lesson times where you can come in and meet with a teacher and give the lessons a try. Our program is low pressure, you can stop at any time, and you can try a single lesson with a teacher before continuing to see if you feel it is a right match for you. It is our goal to pair students with the best possible teacher for them and to create a lasting and enriching musical experience.

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