Eliason School of Music for Piano and Guitar Lessons in Portland, OR

Music Teachers Wanted

Do you have a PASSION to teach music in Portland?

The Eliason School of Music would love to recieve your resume!

Music teaching opportunities are available and we are looking to hire teachers for our music school program. Teachers employed at the school must meet specific requirements, such as:

  1. Must love to teach music!
  2. Strong music background (Major or Minor in music).
  3. Agree to a minimum 1 year commitment to teach music at the school
If you are interested in teaching music in Portland Oregon, the Eliason School might be the perfect fit for you.
Great teachers, great students and a
strong and supportive music teaching environment.

Music teachers interested in music teaching employment opportunities should SEND YOUR RESUME VIA EMAIL
Send your music teaching resume or inquiries to: