Welcome to Portland's school of music for Piano, Guitar, Violin, and Cello Lessons in Portland, OR. We offer music instruction for students of all ages.

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We have proudly been providing Portland piano, guitar, violin and cello lessons since 2004. Our instructors provide piano lessons, guitar lessons, violin & cello lessons to students in and around Portland at our music school or in the comfort of their own home. Our music school offers music instruction for students from age four and we teach adults as well. We are home of the Complete Instruction Method, which balances learning by ear as well as note reading and theory.  We are career music teachers of piano, guitar, violin & cello who have focused on teaching as a life path and we love what we do. Our school in Portland offers fun lessons, free recitals, family discounts and we are conveniently located locally

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Trying to choose the best music studio in Portland? The Eliason School of Music in Southwest Portland's Multnomah Village offers Piano and Guitar Lessons Lessons to students of all ages. We understand that as a parent you have a choice between several studios and that not all programs are the same.

We use a unique combination approach to learning that we call Complete Instruction.

This method evolved after years of experiences with students in Portland who came to our program after experiences with other programs in the Portland METRO area. We found these students and parents had common complaints about their previous lessons that led them to us. Some students were allowed to play lots of pieces of music and the focus was on fun, but they were not improving because important techniques were not being taught.

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Other students were not learning any pieces and had spent as long as almost two years devoted solely to exercises and musical theory. In an attempt to offer students a balanced approach to learning in our Guitar & Piano Lessons, we have developed Complete Instruction which offers students the best of both worlds. At our school in Portland students are allowed to play a wide assortment of music and experience the joy of playing, while at the same time they receive all the technical tools necessary to achieve their highest play. We believe the complete instruction method sets us apart from others, combined with a philosophy that learning music should be a fun and positive experience. Music is challenging and as teachers we help students to overcome challenges by using the best techniques and giving positive encouragement.

Students enrolled in the program over time develop the ability to learn music purely by ear as well as by note reading. For example, one of our students might hear some music on the radio being played, and from their training they will begin to figure out the melody just by hearing it. These students will also be able to purchase sheet music from the music store, take it home and begin to play it because they understand the reading of music as well. This dual method of learning opens up a world of possibilities for students, allowing them to be free to learn the music that inspires them to play. It also diminishes the likelihood of becoming frustrated, because when you learn a new piece of music you will have two ways of learning it in your mind, rather than just one. The method also works beautifully when exploring different styles of music such as Jazz, Folk, Pop, or Improvisation because you can hear how the notes should sound just by ear, but you also understand them and what they mean when they are written down on paper. Learning the complete instruction method is a lot of fun and as teachers we love sharing this new technique with our students. If you would like to register for a first lesson and experience the complete instruction method please click on the pink text in the upper right corner of this page.

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